VCC to pilot TheoBuild’s Innovative Corporate Card Program

Published on
April 1, 2022

VCC has entered into an agreement with TheoBuild to take part in the initial release of their TheoCard program. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, VCC is one of the leading General Contracting firms in the country and will be deploying the innovative card program across a handful of teams/projects in the coming months.

The purchase card program consists of a highly configurable and flexible purchasing card and platform, working under the MasterCard network. This platform allows you to control, limit, and approve purchases in order to guard your budget and avoid profit leakage.


‘’VCC is one of the most successful  GCs in the country, not only by the size of the projects they deliver but by the quality of their workforce - Their people first and technology forward mindset really contributed to their growth in success over the last few years this is one of the main reasons I’m so excited to have their team using our TheoCard program and taking advantage of the platform we’ve built”,  Jammil Hadal- CEO at TheoBuild


TheoBuild believes a seamless transition into technology adoption is possible, this is why they have built a clean and easy platform that takes little to no training, making sure the steps are clear to follow and that construction teams will actually use it instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed on their dashboard. Their SMS features are essential for the construction workforce that are constantly in the field without their computers. Just send a text message requesting money for a purchase and in less than 10 seconds the money is approved and available to a physical or virtual card, it’s that easy! Controlling spend doesn’t need to be laborious, it just needs to be visualized and administered in order to be effective.

“With over 70 active projects across the country and hundreds of employees working in multiple locations, it is imperative for us to gain as much visibility and control into project and office spend, without slowing down our teams with bureaucratic requests or restricting their flexibility. With the TheoCard program, we will be able to get real-time visibility into spend and budget management and best of all, our teams can manage all of this via text message with very little impact to our process today” - Jerry Horani (CTO VCC)


VCC will start rolling out the TheoCard in late Fall 2021 with plans of expanding the use of the program across the business in 2022.


About VCC

Founded in 1987 in Little Rock Arkansas, VCC started as a small company that has now gained exponential momentum and growth all over the country. Despite being a large construction company, VCC stays true to its small roots with a familiar atmosphere committed to its clients and the industry. Setting a high standard for construction companies, they prioritize strategic planning and resource management in order to deliver detail-focused projects. 


About TheoBuild

TheoBuild is a Texas-based fintech company that focuses on helping construction companies proactively manage their spend. The TheoCard program is a highly configurable purchase card that allows construction companies to protect their budgets while delegating spend to their teams in the office and the field.