4 Fast FAQs about TheoBuild

How does TheoBuild provide real-time visibility into project spend?

TheoBuild improves accountability into project spend by allowing your company to set smart limits on each Theo Card and proactively approve transactions before they happen. Theo Card tracking provides you with visibility into spend within 5 seconds of the transaction swiping. But most importantly, Theo Card empowers your field team members to make the necessary purchases to keep the project moving, while also empowering you to stay in control of project budgets and prevent overspending before it happens.

What problem does the TheoBuild expense management software and the Theo Card solve?

Manual expense management strategies that use spreadsheets and outdated accounting software fail to meet the needs of growing companies. TheoBuild helps construction companies to move away from traditional, inefficient processes towards simplified automation by bringing the expense reporting process to the time of the transaction, via our text message enabled mobile functionality. Our goal is to streamline and remove the administrative clutter that is time-consuming and unnecessary – and allow you to find the right balance between increasing efficiency and controlling spend.

How does TheoBuild simplify receipt tracking and expense reporting?

TheoCard enables field personnel to manage expenses with project-specific spend cards and receipt tracking via text messages. It takes just 20 seconds to upload a receipt right after the transaction and link it to the appropriate project. That means no more rushing around at the end of the month to reconcile PO’s, receipts, and expense reports that are overdue or completely missing in action. Plus, real-time visibility into transactions means no more budget surprises at the end of the month after the money is already out the door.

Do customers get any other benefits from the Theo Card?

Your company earns unlimited 1% cash back with Theo Card (and that’s in addition to helping you to easily categorize expenses and better manage project budgets). With zero interest, no fees ever, and the benefit of our expense management software, the Theo Card is well worth making the change.