Construction Payment Management Simplified

Save time, money and increase efficiency by automating your monthly draw process.
Theo Build makes construction payment management a simple task.

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We are all about helping you build bigger and better

No subscription, no implementation... EVER

Today’s builders are forced to spend up to 50% of their time on the administrative aspects of construction instead of on the construction project itself.  Theo automates some of the more burdensome and distractive tasks while enhancing their timeliness and quality. We are not about making you a better accountant, we are all about enabling you to be the great builder you already are.

You can be up and running in under 15 minutes or, better yet, we can do it for you with our white glove onboarding for you and your subs.  And best of all, you only pay for what you use when you use it, forever.  Let us show you how.

A few of our benefits

Simplify Invoicing

Eliminate the need for error prone spreadsheets.
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AIA style invoicing in the cloud
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GCs and subs always work off of a single source of truth
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Lien waivers as an integrated step of the invoicing process
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Seamless accounting integration...Coming Soon!

Stay on Time

Less errors and misalignment means invoicing stays on track.
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Automated notifications to remind subs to submit their information
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Sub inputs are validated real time to minimize errors at the source
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Notifications at every step to keep the draw process in motion
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Project dashboards help you stay on top of your draws at all times

Reduce Risk

Consolidate compliance documents centrally.
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Simple subcontractor pre-qualifications... Coming Soon!
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Automatic collection of Certificates of Insurance and W9s
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Dispute management with a documented audit trail
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We generate all the core project documents so you know they are right every time

Stay Organized

We remind you and your subs of everything needed in each draw and tell you what is missing.
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Keep all of your draw documents in one place automatically tagged and accesible on-demand
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Stay aligned with integrated Change Orders right in each Schedule of Values
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Integrated reminders walk all stakeholders through the draw process step by step
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Delegate better by allowing your Project managers to do their part of the draw, straight in Theo

Save Money Make Money

Ditch the costly tools and reduce administrative efforts.
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All the required functionality in one tool at one price
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Pay only for what you use, when you use it. No unused subscriptions fees ever
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Time is money. Spend less of it doing tasks that are outside of your core, construction

Like what you see?

There is much more and we would love to
show it to you.
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Our product features

Perform AIA-style invoicing
without spreadsheets

Subs create and update their Schedule of Values straight into the Theo Build tool

Missing Lien Waivers
are a thing of the past

Modernize the Lien Waiver process with paperless eSignature verification... and notarized when needed.

Reduce risk with
smart vendor qualifications
Coming Soon

Our smart vendor pre-qualifications give you a digestible and standardized snapshot of your subs liquidity combined with a general background check. Generating these reports is easy and requires a few pieces of information that we collect from your subs.

Documents on demand
when you need them

All your draw documents in a single accesible place

Eliminate delays at the
end of the month

Theo targets to integrate the entire draw process into a single tool. That means, no more errors or missing documents that put the whole process to a halt. All that while seamlessly integrating to your General Ledger to reduce manual input as much as possible.
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Theo is made by builders for builders

It is the industry-leading invoicing solution & risk management tool.

Construction industry is plagued

Frustrating and easily-derailed payment system that can become a nightmare.

Theo is our solution to 
this problem

Its intuitive workflow is tailored to the way that builders think, and we hope you will find that it will integrate seamlessly into your own daily process.

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