A purchase card and a financial software built for builders.

Focus on what you are great at: Building.

Give your team the financial tools to keep your project moving without breaking the bank. A purchase card and software that allow you to get real time visibility into spending and take proactive control of your budget.

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Introducing TheoCard, the first purchase card for the construction industry.

Stop choosing between managing your budget and managing your timeline.

Overly controlled spend is bureaucratic and slow, under controlling means leakage that eats at your profits.

With the Theo's purchase card you can give your team the flexibility to keep the ball rolling while not losing 
track of your budget.

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No fees. Ever.
Zero interest.
Unlimited 1% cash back.
TheoBuild Software included.

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Construction financial software you will actually use. (coming soon!)

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Hire, Purchase and Pay directly from your budget enduring real time visibility into your project spending and forecasted profit.


Easy collaboration with subs via email and text message to expedite their invoice submissions and payments.


Systematically create and track lien waivers and other key compliance documents.

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