TheoBuild - Purchase Card and Financial Platform Built For Builders

Published on
April 1, 2022

Dallas-based construction fintech firm TheoBuild developed a product that automates financial processes for anyone and everyone in the construction industry.

Coming from the industry, CEO and Founder Jammil Handal realized the financial processes in construction undergo massive bottlenecks that increase the time spent on reconciling, reimbursing, and closing books at the end of each month. Not to mention the outdated and unsafe practices of sharing a single corporate card for project purchases and chasing around employees to track receipts. 

TheoCard provides a flexible and innovative solution that consists of a purchase card paired to a financial platform that seamlessly organizes your financial transactions with no need to manually input data for each purchase. Allow smart Limits to control your budget and eliminate the possibility of overspending. Set Smart Limits on your team’s cards, and easily approve purchases in real-time with Theo’s real-time SMS Feature.

TheoCard is free and you can apply in minutes, log into your account and start managing your company’s financials through a system that seamlessly integrates with your accounting ERP. Using TheoCard consist of 5 easy steps for greater efficiency:

1. Invite Users: You can invite as many users as you need, from the job site crew to the back office peers, everyone who spends company money should be in the system

2. Select User Roles: Flexible control is what TheoCard is all about, user roles allow you to delegate some of the responsibilities onto your team, such as:

  • Administrator: Can add users, request and provide cards, limit spending, and approve purchases.
  • Project Manager: Can pay and buy within multiple assigned budgets.
  • Associate: Can request, receive, and make purchases.

3. Create Your Cards: Order and create as many cards as you need, set spending limits, stay on budget, approve purchases via SMS, and empower your team members to spend responsibly. Choose from any of these options available to you:

  • Physical Card: equipped with a revolving credit line and the feature to allocate spending dollars on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Single-Use Virtual Card: instant virtual cards created for one-off transactions, and are totally secure against fraud.
  • Physical Card with Upfront Authorization: a purchase card with no spending power until authorized with a simple click of a button.
  • Virtual Purchase Card: your everyday spending card with Smart Limits features.

4. Create Budgets: Structure your budgets in a way that makes sense to you (e.g. by project, vendor, specific event). Working proactively around your budget allows you to control spending within a specific project so there are no unexpected incurred costs. 

5. Integrate With Your Accounting: Transform end-of-month reconciliation into a streamlined, fast process with Theo’s accounting integration.

Theo enables a simpler way to manage company’s spend, control is important but you can’t limit everyone to a pair of shared corporate cards, adopting simple and innovative solutions like TheoCard allow you to ditch the inefficient and outdated practices.


Check out TheoBuild today for additional information or Apply to your TheoCard and start saving time and money.