The First Purchase Card for Builders

Empower your employees to safely make project purchases without losing control or oversight of your budget. Construction budgeting and expense management simplified.
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Budgeting and expense management simplified.

Manage your

Issue project-specific cards to easily categorize expenses. Map transactions to your budget and avoid overspending.

Control spend

Set smart limits and add balance with one click. Empower your teams to spend and stay accountable.

Real time

Get instant notifications, see transactions as they happen.  
No more reconciling POs and expense reports at the end of the month.

1 Account, 4 Card Types

Different purchases and situations require different features and controls. With Theo Build, you have 4 solutions on demand to ensure your construction business has the right purchase card for every situation.

Unlimited cards means no more sharing the company’s card for material purchases.

Corporate Purchase Card

Physical Card with revolving credit

The first purchase card designed for the construction business. Manage your budget &  expenses while building your company’s  credit.
One Time Use Purchase Card

Single Use Virtual Card

Instant virtual cards created for specific transactions with a limited budget and time limit. Take control of your construction  budget & manage spend proactively.
Field Purchase Card

Physical Card that requires upfront authorization

No need to share your corporate card for last minute material purchases. Approve transactions and add balance with one click. Gain budget visibility and manage project spending.
Virtual Purchase Card

Virtual purchase cards for your construction business

Purchase cards for your employees with smart limits. Empower your teams without losing control of your budget. Construction payments made easy.

Fully integrated budgeting and accounting thru TheoBuild software.

Purchase directly from your budget. TheoBuild allows you to categorize and reconcile project financials in one central platform. Easy and free to use, our cloud-based software does not require any implementations. Save time on data entry and reconciliation. Manual expense reports, and updating budgets on-the-go are a thing of the past.

Real time visibility into purchases.

With TheoBuild, get instant notifications for all purchases, request and assign transactions to specific projects with one click. Simple dashboard shows transactions in real-time. Always know where spending/costs are at.

Simple to use, safe to spend.

Why Theo Card?

How does the TheoCard work?

TheoCard is a business credit card created specifically for the construction industry. Apply for a credit line in a few clicks.

How much does TheoCard cost?

TheoCard is free, no hidden fees, no interest.

Can you get cash back or withdraw money from an ATM?

No, TheoCard was specifically designed to help business streamline construction payment management through accessible technology.

How does TheoCard makes money?

Merchants pay a small fee in order to accept MasterCard payments. We make sure our customer gets get all the benefits while using TheoCard.

Is TheoCard Integrated to my accounting?

TheoBuild Software, which is included when you sign up for TheoCard, is integrated with the following accounting systems:
Quickbooks desktop, Quickbooks online, Foundation Software,  CMIC, View Point by Vista (coming soon), Sage 100-300 (coming soon).

How is TheoCard different from other corporate credit cards?

TheoCard was designed specifically for builders. Get a smart software on top of the purchase card to help streamline budget and expense management. With TheoCard, you can map transactions to your budget and avoid overspending.

How do I make a payment?

Business are required to opt into auto-pay and pay off the balance at the endo the statement period.