Construction Financial Software (Coming Soon)

TheoBuild provides a standardized and automated approach to collecting, managing, and invoicing subcontractors all within a cloud-based platform that enables frictionless payments directly from your budget.
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Integrated Budget

Clear visibility into your project spends to make sure you always stay on budget.
• Oversee project spends in real time
• Create detailed financial reports
• Track your projects' critical costs
• Forecast and avoid spends leakage

Subcontractor Management

Real time collaboration with vendors through SMS and email notifications.
• Actionable notifications for subs
• Automated reminders
• Update your schedule of values in 
   real-time directly from TheoBuild
• Cloud based document repository

Purchase Orders

Automatically turn any purchase order into an invoice and perform payments straight from your budget.
• Create and approve POs at any step
• Faster invoicing an approval chain
• Eliminate the risk of inaccurate payments
• Reduce manual input based errors

Payment Management

Expedite payments with our end-to-end automated payment management cycle.
• Flexible electronic payments
• Data validation at decisive steps
• Oversee SOVs
• Reduce payment status inquiries

Compliance Management

Centralized tracking of compliance documentation. System generated AIA G702 & G703.
• Compliance document control
• Restrict your documentation access
• Get notified if any document is missing
• Work straight from the latest information