TheoBuild SmartPay

De-Risk Payments and Accelerate Cash Flow

SmartPay is designed to enable payments to move more efficiently, with less risk of delay or dispute. Our goal is not only to modernize the tedious and frustrating construction payment process but also to help companies of all sizes who struggle with cash flow management that can delay projects and cut into bottom line.
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How does SmartPay help?


We de-risk payments by integrating, automating and embedding compliance into payments with systematic conditionality.


Our cash management capabilities allow your company to confidently send payments without manually reconciling compliance status every time.

Payments with
less hassle.

SmartPay empowers employees to get paid faster and easier while helping your company better manage cash and minimize risk.

What’s different about SmartPay?

Embedded compliance and conditionality

Fully embedded compliance sign-offs, like lien waivers, and documentation requirements are conditions for each payment in SmartPay.

Escrow makes it easier

SmartPay transforms payments into escrow transactions that cannot be released until the employer is satisfied from a compliance standpoint.

Documentation is done

We track document submissions, tied to systematic payment conditionality, like lien waivers, W9’s, and insurance forms as triggers for payments. The consolidated documents are gathered and stored for ease of access and seamless verifications.

Dispersing dollars seamlessly

Once payment conditions are settled, they are distributed via ACH, virtual cards, or paper checks per the employees’ request.

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